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Who we are

Red Planet Music

We are a young company that was born from the analysis of the natural evolution of the business models in the musical publishing branch and its inevitable dependency of the digital technology.

More than a new company we are a modification to the standards of musical publishers.

With a great experience of 30 years in the Business, Edmundo Monroy, head of Edimusa Publishing Group in the past, thinking in the technologies evolution and the modern needs inside the music Publishing area has established Red Planet Music, were we offer Publishing services, Publishing Consulting, Contract development and Solutions to Management, Promotion administration and payment of musical catalogues, and subjects related with copyright.

Always with our eyes on the technological future Red Planet Music has established in México City.

:: Our Mision:

Our mission is take the management of musical catalogues, the collection and payment of royalties, The Registries on the corresponding societies, the consultant's  and the elaboration contracts of representation, administration and cession of rights in a correct and professional way, to represent the author before the different national and international organisms from author rights, to be able to give to the author the tranquility and the time to continue creating and composing without having to worry to administer he himself its registries, payments of royalties and other proceedings.

:: Our Vision:

To get position within the first 5 more important companies in the industry, being offered an ample range of our services, same that allow us to complement those that at the moment we offer, catching of that way the needs of a greater number of potential clients.

:: Our Values:

We do ours, day to day a series of values that allow us to offer a quality service:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Service
  • Simplicity
  • Loyalty
  • Cleaning
  • Efficiency

:: Our Philosophy:

We have as philosophy to offer the most professional service to our authors, publisher and our clients in general, due thanks to them we can develop our abilities and all the levels of our organization.

:: Our Quality Politics:

We have the commitment to offer the best  administration and promotion for our represented catalogues, Songwriters, Sub Publisher, labels, producers, etc.

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Uno de los servicios más exactos que ofrece Red Planet Music es la consultoría en relación a desarrollo y firma de contratos de varios tipos como podrían ser:

•    De representación editorial
•    De administración de obras
•    De representación artística
•    De edición
•    De Sub-edición
•    De representación general de obras
•    De cesión de derechos patrimoniales

Todos tratados y desarrollados con extremo cuidado poniendo toda la minuciosidad en las más pequeñas cláusulas.

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Empezamos un nuevo complemento de nuestras actividades en la industria musical

Hemos decidido entrar en el área de las producciones discográficas con nuestro propio sello grabador Red Planet Music.
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La música y el entretenimiento han ido de la mano desde el principio de los tiempos, en Red Planet Music tenemos una amplia gama de servicios y productos relacionados con  este tema.

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